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Отношения с родителями

Test «Alone» (relations with parents)

To answer the questions as follows:
• «Yes»
• «partly», «иногда»
• «never»
1. Do you think that you have an understanding with your parents?
2. Whether you are talking with senior «a heart, consulted by the «personal business»?
3. If you’re interested in the work of their parents?
4. You know your friends ‘ parents?
5. Do they happen in your home?
6. Do you participate with parents in the household?
7. If you are bored at home, whether you prefer to spend your free time outside the home?
8. Have you shared with the senior classes and Hobbies?
9. Do you participate in training of family holidays?
10. A «children’s parties» — do you prefer to parents were with you or want to see them without an adult?
11. Discuss with your parents whether you read the book?
12. And television and movies?
13. Have you ever been with his parents in theatres, museums, exhibitions and concerts?
14. Do you participate together in walking, Hiking?
15. Whether you prefer to spend weekends with them or not?

An affirmative answer is worth two points.
Answer «partly», «never» — one point
Negative – 0.

To calculate how many points are scored.

More than 20 points – your relationship with elders in the family can be called prosperous.

From 10 to 19 – relationships can be assessed as satisfactory, but not multilateral, think about what they need to be deepened and expanded.

Less than 10 of your contacts with their parents is insufficient. You need to decide how to improve them.

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